We Design Made in Taiwan in Milan Salone del Mobile 2008

The research commissioned by OU Studio on We Design Made in Taiwan, Exhibition in the Taiwanese Pavilion for the Milan Salone del Mobile 2008 has brought us to the journey of product manufacturing. We spent a month on internet to research on the Taiwanese light manufacturing history and worked with our friend Mingying Tsai on the illustration of the research results. Through the research, we concluded that it is possible to join force the mid and small size manufacturers and introduce them to global design industries. There are 4 reasons for this:

1) There are a great diversity of manufacturers concentrated in Taiwan.

2) The manufacturers own small business bodies, therefore can accept small orders.

3) There are a lot of young freelance designers in Taiwan who are flexible to hire on a project base contract.

4) There is the back up of mainland China who has richer supplys on material choices.