revisiting cities: round table discussion on taipei’s urban renewal reality (forum)

After the second world war, Taipei city was developed with increasing speed, urban renewal is the main issue in the beginning of the 21st century. The round table discussed diverse renewal methods and strategies regarding the Datong District, Taipei, as well as the role of the community, the developers, the governments, as well as common citizen citizens.

Discussion date:  17-06-2015, 19.00-22.00pm
Mr. Wang Chung Shun (Taipei Urban Center)
Prof. Liu Hsin Long (National Tamkang University)
Mr. Lee Yung Jaan (CENT)
Mr. Lee Yu Chao (Kuangyu Real Estate Development)
Mr. Chang Li Li (Taipei Urban Renewal Bureau)
Ms. Chang Ying Hui (Borough Chief of Northern Datong District,Taiwan)
Mr. Wang Yao Dong (Urban Planner)
Tsaiher Cheng (Boundary Unlimited)
Ms. Wu Pi Suing (CENT)