revisiting cities: urban renewal methods in the datong district, taipei (workshop)

Workshop Date: 18-04-2015 until 19-04-2015
Prof. Liu Hsin Long (National Tamkung Univ.)
Bart Reuser (Next Architects)
Lee Hsinchi (Eds Planning International)
Wang Yao Dong (Urban Planner)
Workshop Brief and Tasks:
DachaoDing, located in the west part of Taipei, is one of the oldest district (Part of Datong district) in Taipei City, for the past 50 years, it has not been changed so due to the rapid urban developments in the east part of Taipei.Due to its complex and multiple ownership structure per land plot, renewal processes were not able to progress. Working with local neighborhood leaders and planners, Transforming City aimed to gather ideas and design initiatives that can potential stimulate developments in the area while keeping its spatial charectorsof community squares and alleys, as well as its social structure. In the first workshop, we focused on the possibility of setting up an urban guideline system that can encourage land owners and small scale developers to self renew their plots. Appropriate building and open space typologies need to be developed to visualize this potential.

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