kanaleneiland immigrant neighbourhood redevelopment

With the recent urban development of the Leidsche Rijn, the Kanaleneiland will benefit from the influx of more affluent families, business growth, and employment opportunities. Looking at similar urban regeneration cases in the Netherlands, it can be expected that the land value of this area will rise in the coming years. To ensure that the original residences will have future rights and engagements to the development of the Kanale­neiland, the project implements a land ownership policy to both the new comers and the original residences, in order to encourage more neighborhood aware­ness and responsibilities among different users and diverse income groups. The project suggests smaller group of people owning smaller land lease unit and multiple phasing of the restructuring processes. This will encourage a gradual & self organized urban renewal process, which can be more easily appropriated by the residents, developers, and the city council.

Client: Europan 10
Year: 2009
Credit: Tsaiher Cheng of Boundary Unlimited, Simona Puglisi, Beatriz Talavera, and Changfang Luo
Execution country: The Netherlands
Award: Jury Assessment Europan 10

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