kangshan new world shopping district

Boundary Unlimited is commissioned to make an urban plan for a newly developed shopping area in Kangshan, Kaohsiung County, Taiwan.

The urban planning schemed originated from a wild idea from the client, which is to turn the site into the biggest night market in Taiwan. And to give free lease to hawkers for the first three years in order to promote the shopping area.

After detailed studies of the management system and logistics of the Taiwanese night market, Boundary Unlimited developed a circulation plan which is to combine night market and low-rise shopping vanues in order to form a complete shopping routes for visitors.

The shopping area is styled with South Asian urban lifestyle, with detailed design on every level, including public spaces, landscapes, and shading devices,etc., visitors are to forget all worries while spending time in this shopping area.

Client: Private Developer / T.Y. Chen Architects
Task: Urban Planning/ urban design/ landscape design
Cooperator: Wide City Design Co., Ltd.
Year: 2013-2014
Credit: Tsaiher Cheng / Tanyi Huang
Execution country: Taiwan