urban renewal strategic plan of the nankao central station area of keelung city

The municipality of Keelung is reshaping the image of the central station area towrds an international habour and ocean city. While moving the rail tracks underground and to move the current station southwards, the urban areas surrounding the station needs to be re-studied and re-planned. The “Urban renewal strategic plan of the Nankao central station area of Keelung city”focuses on the potential role of the Keelung municipality in leading the urban regeneration process, by investigating through field surveys, finantial calculations and analysing market demands. The future Nankao urban area will not only act as an transportation hub, but also as an regeneration area preserving former railway monuments and improving local urban qualities. It will trigger more growth of the local business, providing living, working, and touristic functions to the citizens. The project also invlove participational planning methods to seek for shared vision amoung the local residents.

Client: Keelung Urban Development Bureau / EDS International Inc.
Task: Urban Planning/ urban design/ landscape design/ urabn research
Cooperator: Keelung Youth Front
Year: 2016-2017
Credit: Tsaiher Cheng (Co-Principle Investigator)
Execution country: Taiwan