transforming city

Taipei east district is actually an urban planning accident. It is the most mixed, organic, alternative and lively urban district. The East District is very inclusive for new programs because of the “mixed use zoning regulation” and the “urban block economy” . Is urban planning a catalyst for functional renewal, or it is the functional renewal a catalyst for urban planning? Perhaps we may say this: the East District itself is the generator of urban renewal. The research investigated into the bottom-up urban regeneration process of the Taipei east district and discussed about the design and planning of an neighbourhood block, if it is possible to trigger a resilient urban lifestyle.

Client: Self-financed
Task: Urban research/field survey
Cooperators: Tanyi Huang, Lian Chiu
Year: 2014-2016
Credit: Boundary Unlimited
Execution country: Taiwan

2016-01-31 03.38.19phase3.jpg