spatial types of the sex industries

This international research and field survey target on the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. The research focuses on the sex industry and it’s spatial types, as well as proper management systems, in comparison with the sex workers’ situation in Taiwan. There are three important aespects in this research:

  • To compare the urban renewal situations in the red light districts in both the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, with the Taiwanese situation.
  • To understand the situations of sex workers in both countries and how does the empowerment through their own network and can help to change the public image of sex workers as well as policies regulating them.
  • To reconnect with the international network of sex workers and supporters.

Client: Horan Foundation / COSWAS Collectives of sex workers and supporters, Taiwan
Task: Field survey/spatial research/policy analysis
Year: 2015-2016
Credit: Boundary Unlimited
Execution country: Taiwan / The Netherlands