Urban Research 城市研究

2017  Reimagining Beimen’s Street Signs 2016  Redevelopment Plan for Chen-Pin Fishing Harbor, Keelung 2015  Spatial Types of the Sex Industries 2014  Transforming City 2013  Amstel III Mixed Use Redevelopment 2011  Red Light District Pilot Projects    

Urban Design 城市設計

2017  Urban Renewal Strategic Plan for the Nankao Central Station Area of Keelung City 2014  Kangshan New World Shopping District 2010  Amsterdam Sloterdijk Mixed Use Redevelopment 2009  Kanaleneiland Immigrant Neighbourhood Redevelopment    

Urban Books 城市出版

2016  Revisiting Cities: Taipei Seoul Shanghai (城市遇故知) 2016  Red Light City (The Architecture Observer, 2016) 2014  荷蘭鬼城再造 台北村落之聲 (2014.11.16) 2014  荷蘭閒置辦公區 Amstel III 城市再生 台灣建築師雜誌 (2014年4月號) 2013  荷蘭紅燈區再生 台北村落之聲 (2013.4.18) 2012  阿姆斯特丹紅燈區改造研究規劃案 台灣建築師雜誌都市更新特集 (2012年9月號)    

Exhibitions 展覽策劃

2017 Reimagining Beimen’s Street Signs (Design Exhibition) 2017 Reimagining Beimen’s Street Signs (Informative Exhibition) 2015 Transforming City / 城市遇故知 2014 Transforming City 2013 Triggering Reality 2012 Over the Red Light District / Over de Rosse Buurt      

Forums & Workshops 論壇/工作坊

2016 Red Light City (Book Launch & Forum) 2015 Revisiting Cities: Urban Renewal Methods in Datong District, Taipei ( Workshop) 2015 Revisiting Cities: Round Table Discussion on Taipei’s Urban Renewal Realities (Forum) 2015 Taipei 2050: Community Planning and Taipei 2050 (Workshop) 2012 Sex in the City: How can the Netherlands Advance in Planning Sex in…