chi chi earthquake memorial park

Skywell consists of a large bamboo forest enclosing a void. Without a particular entrance and guiding system, visitors stroll and get lost in the bamboo forest before they find the central void. The horror they experienced during the Chichi earthquake is melted down into the motion and phenomenology of the bamboo forest whereas the central void is reinterpreted as an empty mind, where people find solace from the Sky. Details, such as the bamboo wall to place commemorative flowers and lotus blossom paving, echoing the theme of rebirth. The project further developed after receiving grand prize from the Chichi Earthquake Memorial International Competition until it’s termination in 2008.

Client: Central Construction Bureau, Central Government, Taiwan
Year: 2004-2008
Credit: Tsaiher Cheng, Yuni Kim, Yoonjin Park, Eve Barbara Robidoux
Execution country: Taiwan
Award: Grand Prize Chichi Earthquake Memorial International Competition, Taiwan