amstel III mixed use redevelopment

Amstel III Mixed Use Redevelopment Project develops urban strategies that can potentially stimulate the vacant Amstel III office area into a mixed use environment. By studying foreign case studies, interviewing the city council and some of the building owners from the Hogehilweg area, the 1st phase research have concluded that plot strategies may better to stimulate individual redevelopment processes rather than a top down master plan. Each plot strategy can be custom made to provide different land lease contracts, program adaptations, as well as regulating the ownership structures. A give and take process between the city council (who will invest on the public infrastructure) and the building owner( who will redevelop the plot) can minimize the redevelopment risk for the area, guarantee freedom for individual redevelopment choices and navigate the entire area’s redevelopment direction in a more interactive manner.

Client: Netherlands Architecture Fund
Year: 2011-2013
Credit: Boundary Unlimited & Hein de Haan A+S
Team: Tanyi Huang (visual), Kurt Wu (intern)
Execution country: The Netherlands